• Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Remote Employees

    It is not a surprise to see a large number of organizations vouch against remote hiring. The reason behind this type of work culture is not really the incapability of remote employees but the incapability of the company to hire correctly. There are always right and wrong employees for an organization. To hire the right remote employees, you need to put in a similar type of effort as you do in full-time employees.

    Otherwise, you are highly likely to hire the wrong employee due to the common hiring and management mistakes. This is why we have created a list of 4 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid while hiring remote employees. Let’s see what are these.

    4 Mistakes to Avoid

    While remote employees look for remote work because of the feasibility it offers, employers look for remote employees for various reasons like cost, experience, and feasibility. But, hiring a remote employee is not that simple. Hence, we have highlighted 4 mistakes that you need to avoid when hiring remote staff.

    1.    Only Checking Resume

    When you are shortlisting a candidate, just checking the resume is not right. This is because resumes can’t depict the non-technical capability of an employee. For instance, punctuality, work pattern, and discipline.

    You can never know if an employee would be able to deliver the work according to your requirements on time. You can never know if an employee would be able to handle without a certain technology when there’s a need.

    It is highly unlikely to judge these factors from the resume. Hence, you ask questions.

    Arrange a call and ask them as many questions as are important to your organization. Understand if they easily get distracted, or if they are too adamant in their methods. Having this knowledge helps in hiring the right employee without any hassle. 

    2.    Lack of Training

    The success of any employee depends on training your offer. In the long-term, this factor decides the efficiency of your entire team. This is because, after 5-10 years, market changes and the skills also need to evolve. If you fail to provide training, your employees might not be able to adjust to the new market demands.

    Similarly, you need to offer training to your remote employees. Help them grow and allow them to revise their knowledge. This is beneficial when you are hiring an employee with specific knowledge but you need to offer extra training for dedicated work. We would do that for an in-house employee, then why not remote employees?

    We would suggest considering this option to improve employee’s loyalty and dedication towards your organization.

    3.    Not Checking Past Experience

    When you are hiring any remote employee, check their past experience. You may want to hire a fresher for minimal work. But, when you need experience, call references, check past work. You need to inquire about this to ensure that the employee actually has experience in these fields with certain employees. This reduces the risk of hiring. 

    4.    Lack of Communication

    Communicate clearly with your remote staff. Of course, while hiring, it is tempting to not get on a call and just email them. But, choose a different route and communicate clearly and quickly. This would help the employee and you to understand whether this collaboration would work or not.

    So, clear your expectations, work obligations, and timelines. 

    Clarify things beforehand to avoid any miscommunication and issue once the employee has been hired. 


    It is not uncommon to make mistakes when hiring remote staff. This is why a lot of organizations end up hiring the wrong people. To mitigate the risk, consider avoiding the above mistakes and hiring the right employees. 

    If you still face issues, reach out to ExpertTal for skilled remote employees. 


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