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Why Hire Developers From ExpertTal ?

  1. We have large pool of Engineers in the experience band of 5 to 15 yrs.
  2. Our Engineers are regularly trained for high level of Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Proactive Communication and transparency.
  3. Our Engineers always believe that, They win when their client wins.
  4. Our Engineers are regularly trained for creating Customer Delight.
  5. Our Engineers are regularly trained for client communication, Team spirit, making the client happy and meeting deadlines.

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Advantages of Hiring an IT Contractor from ExpertTal

  1. You can hire an Expert in 7 days to 15 days time, as compare to 1 month to 2 months when you want to hire on your roles.
  2. There is no indirect recurring cost like Employee Benefits, Yearly Bonus , Cost of attrition, Cost of hiring etc and you need to pay for the duration of his engagement only.
  3. Performance of these IT Contractor is supported by senior IT Experts from ExpertTal, where as Freelancers can not provide this advantage. This leads to very low project failure risk.
  4. Since our Experts are regularly monitored and feedback from client is taken, they remain very alert and responsible as compare to core employees or freelancers.
  5. ExpertTal has 4o plus vendor list who have domain / technology specific focus in providing IT Experts on Contract.

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Five Easy Steps for taking an Expert from ExpertTal

Fill Up This form with your requirements.

Our Engagement Manager will call you in 12 hours to understand your need.

Our Executives will send you two CVs to align with your requirement and search for any understanding gap.

Than will make sure that your need is fulfilled by sending some more CVs , if needed.

Than our Executive will make sure that selected Expert Joins you immediately.

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ExpertTal is a remarkable IT Expert Provider company with highly skilled developers. I have working with them since long time since my Nucleus Software days. They have helped me support my MNC Bank clients many times in very short span of time. This helped me in retaining my Customers and grow my business with my customers . One they have provided me 35 IT Contractors for a Japan Bank Project from India and sent onsite in just 10 days of selecting the Engineers. I highly recommend ExpertTal to all companies needing IT Experts on Contract. I strongly recommend their services to the firms needing IT Experts for short duration.

Ashish Garg
Global Recruitment Director
(American Express)

I had been interacting with Mr. Kamal Rastogi CEO ExpertTal since long time during my Siemens Systems India Limited days. He was one of the best performing vendor and had helped me setup the high performance Delivery teams many times. They are expert in getting the best quality contractors in record short time. For long time till SISl got sold to Atos Orgin , we had 60 plus resources working from their side on our mission critical projects to product development projects . They make sure customer wins always.

Rachna Wadhawan
Head( HR & Recruitment)
Siemens Systems India LImited

ExpertTal had been a great support during my long association with HCL Technologies. They were able to provide Contractors in very short span of time. Right from SAP to Web Development to Oracle Apps to Mobile Development , they have good control on various technologies. They had 65 plus resources for a USA based project in HCL for long time and important point is these all people were on board within 34 days from the day requirements were given to them. I wish them a great future.

Sanjiv Kumar
General Manager ( Recruitment )
HCL Technologies.

I have been interacting with Kamal Rastogi past 5 years, his company maintains a team of 5 IT Experts in India for us. We are very happy to work with him and his firm. His Experts working in India Remotely had been very beneficial for us and we had done immense cost saving as Experts through him cost us 60% less expansive than available in USA. I have a huge recommendation to his company for those who are wanting to hire Expert level remote resources in India.

Dr Spencer Paterson
CEO , Resulitier. USA
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If you hire remote IT consultants, you get the following benefits:

  1. Remote developers are more productive
  2. No matter how niche your requirements, you can find the right remote talent
  3. Lower infrastructure costs
  4. Remote workers can work at low cost as they need not live in expensive cities and there is no cost of travel
  5. Experienced developers who work remotely are more motivated
  6. Remote workers are willing to work beyond office hours also
  7. Avoid the pain of trying to sponsor a visa and spending money on expansive travel, Hotel bills etc.
  8. Since there is natural work life balance, there is increased employee retention rate
  9. Your company will be prepared for the remote work future culture
  10. You will be visible in the growing market of digital nomads

Yes, we provide detailed resume when you choose software developers online from us. You will be able to Interview these resources as well.

Since we give high importance to your data, remote hires sign an NDA to keep your data safe and secure. In case of need direct legal agreement with client also is possible.

We can help you hire remote developers with any experience in different fields. Whether you hire a PHP developer or a full stack developer, you can get resources from 2 yrs of exp to 20 yrs of exp. Programmers, QA Experts, Data Scientists , Scrum Masters, Project Managers etc.

Depending on your requirements, we may offer discounts. However, we don�t have a regular offer for the same.

Not currently

Mostly it is not possible. But Experts can visit client sites for short and essential meetings only. This has to be clarified well in advance before starting of assignment.

From day one of sending us the requirements to getting the person on board takes around 15 days in most cases. Rarely the cycle can get longer too, which depends on kind and type of the Expert needed.

ExpertTal has a network of 40 plus different IT Consulting firms , this helps in fulfilling the requirements of the clients much faster. As ExpertTal has three different sister companies Actiknow is Microsoft Silver Partner and has focus on Power BI Developers and Excel VBA Developers, Strawberry Info tech Pvt Limited has focus on Node JS, Angular , React, PHP, Python, .net and Java Developers and Strawberry BS Pvt LImited is Oracle Gold Partner and focusses on various Oracle ERP and SAP Developers.

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