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ExpertTal is the fastest growing platform for IT Freelancers / Resources from India serving global customers. We work for Startups / Enterprises / Fortune 500 companies globally. To name a few we work with Samsung, Wipro, HCL Technologies, KPMG, Deloitte, EnY, PwC, Nucleus Software, NCR Corporation, Polaris, Dunkin Donuts, Ladbrokes, Goodyear, RSi, Porsche etc and 500+ startups in India and USA.

ExpertTal offers pre-negotiated, best rates and Escrow services. We maintain a very large pool of certified, verified and On Demand availability of talented resources.

Hire Expert level Core PHP, Laravel , Cake PHP, CodeIgniter , Drupal, Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Zend, Open Source , LAMP etc Consultants from us. Average experience of our consultants is 5 years and all Experts have gotten 4.8 /5 rating from our global clients.

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Why Hire PHP Developers in India ?

When you hire PHP developers in India, you can save valuable time & money. You get excellent quality PHP programming solutions at very affordable prices, and here are some of the additional advantages:

  • Get Skilled PHP Coders

    PHP developers in India keep themselves abreast with latest trends and frameworks; therefore, you can get highly optimized PHP solutions on advanced technologies.

  • No Communication & Time Hinderance

    India is 2nd largest English speaking country in the world. Also, most PHP development firms in India are open to work 24 hours as per client business requirements.

  • Increase Productivity

    Most PHP developers in India work on DevOps & Agile approach to deliver optimum quality web apps in less time. Therefore, software time-to-market is less in India.

  • No Recruitment & Traning Hassles

    When you hire PHP engineers in India, you can save yourself from recruitment & training hassles of the developers. The Indian firms handle all these tasks for you.

  • High Quality Development

    Indian PHP developers are acknowledged worldwide for their clean code quality, punctuality, and commitment to deliver project on stipulated time frame.

  • Save Operational Cost

    When you hire Indian PHP developers you the best value for money. Here you will get highly experienced and skilled PHP coders at affordable prices that saves your cost.

Hire Top PHP Developers

Hire top PHP developers and improve your speed and quality of software launch. From simple web app development to enterprise-grade app development, our developers can offer an optimum customized solution for any problem.

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Our Versatile PHP Developers Can Work With All Major Industries

Our PHP developers and programmers have experience in various industries that provide industry-specific PHP solutions. Have a look at some industries our PHP developers have expertise in:

Competency of Our PHP Developers at ExpertTal

Our PHP developers are well experienced and trained to work on all the latest technologies and trends that you will find in the market. Our developers work with all the latest PHP tools, technologies & frameworks that make them unique and show their competency in the field. Let's have a look at our services and solutions that will be delivered to you when you work with the dedicated PHP developers hired from ExpertTal.

Custom PHP Web App & MySQL Development

When you hire dedicated and experienced PHP developers from ExpertTal, you’ll get custom PHP Web App & MySQL developed websites laced with advanced features and are secure and scalable.

API & Web Service Integration

Hire PHP developers online from ExpertTal who have vast experience developing the advanced APIs and private, public, and internal APIs to deliver seamless APIs development service at your budget.

Module Development with PHP

When you hire PHP programmers from ExpertTal, you’ll get friendly and feature-packed custom modules developed for apps and interactive products to enhance functionality.

PHP Based CMS Development

We have a skilled team of PHP programmers & coders that can easily create PHP based custom CMS and frameworks to deliver reusable and maintainable code to clients.

PHP Based Product Developers

No matter if you are a start-up or large enterprise, when you hire PHP developers from ExpertTal, you’ll get programmers who can develop feature packed and custom software products that provide much value to your business.

Dynamic Websites and Web Portals

When you choose ExpertTal to hire PHP programmers, you’ll get advanced level dynamic web apps and web portals that have created the latest tools, technologies, and trends.

Hire the Best PHP Developers from ExpertTal To Embrace Growth-Centric Digital Transformation

ExpertTal team is a greatly experienced and skilful offshore PHP programmer who offers a wide range of Open-Source programming services. At ExpertTal, we provide you talented and dedicated PHP Programmers according to your requirements.

Get Clean & Bug-free Coding

Hire our dedicated PHP Developers team who are experienced and trained in their domain to create clean and bug free PHP based coding.

Communicate easily

You can coordinate with our offshore PHP programmers and the complete development team over Skype, Chat, and Phone as per your comfort.

Out of the Box Solutions

Hire our expert PHP coders and engineers who keep the capability of unique thinking and make you happy by providing out-of-the-box solutions.

Guaranteed Results

Our PHP developers are obsessed with quality, and every single process delivers the top-notch quality in the industry, Guaranteed.

Quick & Agile Process

Our PHP developers in India follow the prompt and agile development process to reduce time to market and provide on time project delivery with no compromise in quality.

Hire Team of Your Choice and Suitability

At ExpertTal, you can choose and hire the developers of your choice according to their experience and previous projects. You also get the option of replacement of the developer if you don’t want to continue.

Plans Your Risk Better

The PHP web coders from ExpertTal, care about your reputation in the IT-world. This means that they take the responsibilities for the final result and plan your risks better.

Projects Delivered By Our PHP Developers

We have served 500+ clients globally and completed 1500+ projects for them. Check out some of the best custom PHP web development case studies here-


What are the benefits of hiring remote IT consultants?

If you hire IT consultants, you get the following benefits:

  • Expertise of years
  • Hands-on experience in technologies
  • Dedicated work delivery cycle
  • Low costing model

Do you provide resume of the software developers before hiring?

Yes, we provide detailed resume when you choose software developers online from us. You can then select the best software developers whose experience and skills suits to your project needs.

What will happen to my data when I outsource?

Since we give high importance to your data, hires sign an NDA to keep your data safe and secure.

What is the experience of your software developers?

We can help you hire developers with any experience in different fields. Whether you hire a PHP developer or a full stack developer, you get the best fit for your project.

If I need a large team, will I get discounts?

Depending on your requirements, we may offer discounts. However, we don’t have a regular offer for the same.


ExpertTal is a remarkable IT Expert Provider company with highly skilled developers. I have working with them since long time since my Nucleus Software days. They have helped me support my MNC Bank clients many times in very short span of time. This helped me in retaining my Customers and grow my business with my customers . One they have provided me 35 IT Contractors for a Japan Bank Project from India and sent onsite in just 10 days of selecting the Engineers. I highly recommend ExpertTal to all companies needing IT Experts on Contract. I strongly recommend their services to the firms needing IT Experts for short duration.

Ashish Garg
Global Recruitment Director
(American Express)

I had been interacting with Mr. Kamal Rastogi CEO ExpertTal since long time during my Siemens Systems India Limited days. He was one of the best performing vendor and had helped me setup the high performance Delivery teams many times. They are expert in getting the best quality contractors in record short time. For long time till SISl got sold to Atos Orgin , we had 60 plus resources working from their side on our mission critical projects to product development projects . They make sure customer wins always.

Rachna Wadhawan
Head( HR & Recruitment)
Siemens Systems India LImited

ExpertTal had been a great support during my long association with HCL Technologies. They were able to provide Contractors in very short span of time. Right from SAP to Web Development to Oracle Apps to Mobile Development , they have good control on various technologies. They had 65 plus resources for a USA based project in HCL for long time and important point is these all people were on board within 34 days from the day requirements were given to them. I wish them a great future.

Sanjiv Kumar
General Manager ( Recruitment )
HCL Technologies.

I have been interacting with Kamal Rastogi past 5 years, his company maintains a team of 5 IT Experts in India for us. We are very happy to work with him and his firm. His Experts working in India remotely had been very beneficial for us and we had done immense cost saving as Experts through him cost us 60% less expansive than available in USA. I have a huge recommendation to his company for those who are wanting to hire Expert level remote resources in India.

Dr Spencer Paterson
CEO , Resulitier. USA