No up-front fee is charged from customers. Invoice related to work-seekers engaged are sent for payment on weekly/monthly basis (based on the contract with customers)

Yes, first 2 weeks for any engagement are Free of cost in case customers are not satisfied with the performance of work-seekers. Work-seekers are billed from day 1 if customer is satisfied or else a) contract is terminated or b) replacement resource is provided within 2 weeks. Trial period is available for all the engagements irrespective of it is fresh hire or replacement one.Â

We allow only 2 work-seekers per position and after that contract for that particular position is terminated. We try our best to not get into such situation as out screening / verification process is very robust but still such cases can happen.

We are totally different from current available options with customers due to the fact that a) we pre-screen / certify and verify each and every work-seeker on our platform before he or she is ready for deployment b) Free of Cost 2 weeks of trial period to ensure that customers get what they want in a resource in terms of quality of work. And we provide real time availability of available resources.

Each work-seeker is screened for

1) Aptitude 2) communication skills 3) Domain/technical knowledge. All these tests are done using state of the art assessment platform followed by HR/Personal round.

Once work-seeker is find suitable for the role, a BGV is initiated to verify his education back-ground, previous employments, criminal cases (if any) etc.

Currently, we have work-seekers across India and other low cost nations.

Due to work culture (specifically in India), 40-50% work-seekers are asked to work onsite at customer location only. Rest work-seekers are working from home or out of co-working spaces based on requirement of customers. On case to case basis, a resource can work onsite too if needed.

Yes, we provide up to 2 work-seekers per position. In case main work-seeker is not available, we provide alternate person within 2 weeks on best efforts basis.
Each position is marked as contract position by default. In case there is a need of contract to hire, a separate clause is included in the contract to facilitate full-time / conversion requirements.
No. We offer only contract (Full-time, Part-time) services through our portal.
IP of the work done by work-seeker is property of customer only. This is part of the contract with customer as well with work-seeker.
Contract with both customer and work-seeker has a legal binding to ensure it is protected.
Because we have experts all over the world, pricing can vary across several factors. We will work with you to find the right price point for your project.
We invoice our clients twice a month (for part-time / hourly work) and monthly for full time workers. Payment has to be made within 10 days from the date of invoice for fortnightly and within 30 days from the date of invoice for monthly invoices respectively.
We currently accept all major credit cards, bank wires etc.