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    Being a business owner and an owner of a website, you must have heard about PHP developers. PHP developers, using the dynamic scripting language PHP which helps develop programs, applications, and websites. PHP is well known for web development and business applications.

    Why a business based in India should hire PHP Developers?

    If you’re a business based in India, you can hire PHP developers for your business in India to save your valuable resources that is time & money. You get the best quality PHP programming solutions at highly affordable prices. Here are the key benefits of hiring a PHP developer:

    Hire Quality Development: PHP developers in India are acknowledged, trusted, and wanted for their clean code quality, punctuality, and commitment to deliver the project within the stipulated time frame.

    Increase Productivity: PHP developers in India work on DevOps& Agile approaches to deliver optimum quality web apps/software in as little time as possible. Therefore, saving one of the key resources, time!

    Skilled Developers: PHP developers in India keep themselves updated with all the latest trends, frameworks, standards, rules, and regulations so you can get a highly optimized PHP scripted website.

    No Recruitment and Training Hassles: The Indian PHP firms like ExperTal can handle all the tasks for you so that you can get rid of the recruitment, selection, and training hassles of in-house PHP developers.

    Value for Money: When you hire Indian PHP developers, you get the best value for money. At ExperTal, you will get highly experienced and skilled PHP coders at affordable prices that save your cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why hiring dedicated PHP developers would be the right choice for my business?

    When you hire PHP developers from ExperTal, they’ll not only ensure fast delivery of your project at low investment but also they will work full-time only for your project like all other regular employees thus it is a wise idea to opt for dedicated PHP developers who work solely on your project and deliver you faster results.

    How do PHP developers of ExperTal keep up with different time zones?

    Our PHP developers, work as per the client’s convenience that is as per the client’s timezone, project deadline, urgency, and milestones, etc. They are flexible with working in different shifts according to project requirements. So, you can stay relaxed regarding that.

    Does ExperTal offer discounts in case I need a large team?

    Yes, ExperTal offers discounts on projects. Depending on the project and team size, the discount amount varies. Upon sharing the project requisites, our team will share the discount details.

    Does ExperTal reuse existing code from my project?

    No anything used specifically for your project will never be reused for anyone from your industry or any other industry. Also, we provide you with source code authorization so that it can be used for further development.

    How do I communicate and give instructions to the hired PHP developer?

    You can communicate with your PHP web coder via Chat, Skype, or Phone call. You can also share the instructions or task by Instant Messenger, email, phone, etc. whatever is suitable or convenient for you.

    Will ExperTal sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with me?

    YES! When you hire PHP developers from ExperTal, we ensure that we sign a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and all other legal documents and forms to protect your data and security.

    How does ExperTal perform source code management?

    Supply Chain Management (SCM) tracks the entire history of changes to the code base and helps resolve conflicts when merging updates from multiple contributors. Our developers deploy Github/Bitbucket for source code management and version control.

    Will PHP remain relevant in the near future?

    Yes, PHP will stay equally relevant shortly, if not more! PHP is an established backend language that offers to build secure web applications/software and websites. Looking at the current popularity and community of PHP developers, it is safe to say that PHP web development has a bright future waiting for it!

    About the Author

    Kamal Rastogi is a serial IT entrepreneur with 25 yrs plus experience. Currently his focus area is Data Science business, ERP Consulting, IT Staffing and Experttal.com (Fastest growing US based platform to hire verified / Risk Compliant Expert IT resources from talent rich countries like India, Romania, Philippines etc...directly). His firms service clients like KPMG, Deloitte, EnY, Samsung, Wipro, NCR Corporation etc in India and USA.

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