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    JavaScript Developers: What's the truth behind them?

    If you are into JavaScript and wondering what JavaScript Developers are for or what does a JavaScript developer does? You are at the right place then, as we all answer all of your queries one by one for you!

    What does a JavaScript developer do?

    JavaScript Developers is the one accountable for implementing the front-end logic that defines the behaviour of the visual elements of a web application. The JavaScript Developer job description is that JavaScript Developers are also responsible for connecting the front end with the services that reside on the back end. JavaScript Developers are usually supported in this task by back-end developers who are in charge of server-side application logic. JavaScript Developers also works with front-end web developers who specialize in visual layouts and style.

    JavaScript Developer Job Description

    JavaScript Developers are responsible for the programming and development of applications and software using the popular programming language, Java. To attract a JavaScript Developer that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Java Developer job description. An example of a job description for a JavaScript Developer is below:

    If you are a highly-experienced and highly-skilled full-stack JavaScript Developer, then you are at the right place! We are looking for a self-motivated JavaScript Developer to come to join our agile, updated, and dynamic team of professionals. Our ideal candidate will have experience implementing JavaScript applications with an emphasis on optimization, API design, and architecture.

    If you are passionate and curious about technology, constantly seeking to learn and improve your skillset, then you are the type of person we are looking for to expand our team as we are offering superb career growth opportunities, great compensation, and monetary and non-monetary benefits.

    What is the difference between JQuery and JavaScript?

    JavaScript is an interpreted programming language that can be run on web browsers and that makes websites more interactive and visually aesthetic by using web pages as a significant element. Whenever a browser parses the web page, it processes creating a tree-structure presentation in memory.

    JavaScript Developers can operate the components of the web page using the tree structure and make any alteration as per your will (like changing content, layouts, or position of the page or visual elements) that other programming languages can perform. Whereas, JQuery acts as the substructure of JavaScript, which has to complete standard task webs. JQuery is widely used because it not only summarizes cross-browser compatibility problems but also underscores call-back-driven JavaScript programming.


    Meaning “ JavaScript is a unique programming language.

    Language “ JavaScript is a high-level client-side scripting language that has previously combined ECMAscript and DOM.

    Animations “ Many lines of code must be written by JavaScript Developers to create animations in JavaScript.

    Cross-browser Compatibility “ JavaScript supports Cross-browser compatibility.

    Performance “ As it is directly processed by the browser, it can be faster for DOM selection/manipulation as compared to JQuery.

    Size “ It is heavier and larger as compared to JQuery.


    Meaning  “ JQuery is a concise JavaScript library that is directly dependent on JavaScript.

    Language “ JQuery is a compact JavaScript library which has only DOM.

    Animations “ JQuery makes the work of JavaScript Developers easy by letting them add animations with JavaScript that too with fewer lines of code.

    Cross-browser Compatibility “ JQuery doesn't support cross-browser compatibility

    Performance “ JQuery has to be converted into JavaScript by the JavaScript Developer to make it run on the browser.

    Size “ JQuery is a lot lighter and more compact as it is a library.

    What are the required JavaScript Developer skills?

    JavaScript is an important language for web development. Here are a few skills JavaScript Developers should have in their CV:

    HTML and CSS “ HTML is also known as HyperText Markup Language and CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets are the basic spine of web coding. It is impossible to create web pages without these two. Before starting a career as a web developer or JavaScript Developer they must master HTML and CSS.

    CSS and JavaScript Frameworks “ Being updated with CSS and JavaScript are many other skills that JavaScript Developers should have. These frameworks of CSS and JavaScript are nothing but a common collection of JavaScript or CSS files that do some of the work for web developers by providing common functionality. JavaScript Developers will be using JS and CSS often in web development and since most projects begin with similar code and style elements, being skilled in these frameworks will enable them to be efficient developers and will also form the foundation for skills development in other areas.

    JavaScript and JQuery “ CSS and HTML determine the way a page is presented, JavaScript determines its function as it is a genuine programming language. JavaScript Developers make use of HTML and CSS to create simple web pages or websites. However, in a situation where someone needs interactive features such as videos, audio, games, or page animations, Javascript Developers make use of JavaScript to implement them. One of the things to bear in mind is the existence of libraries such as JQuery, which is a collection of extensions and plugins. JQuery makes it easier and faster for JavaScript Developers to use JavaScript on a website.

    Debugging/Testing - Bugs occur during the development process of any website. To ensure that things keep moving, JavaScript Developers must test your code for bugs during the development process. Therefore, the capability to test and debug is an essential skill to have as a JavaScript Developer.

    CSS Preprocessing “ CSS is essential though it can limit JavaScript Developers. The limitation is the inability to define functions, and variables or carry out arithmetic operations. Using a CSS preprocessor enables JavaScript Developers to write code in the language of the processor. This will allow them to do things that can be difficult with CSS alone.


    So what are you waiting for? Hire a JavaScript Developer today to build you a dapper-looking website with the above-mentioned skills and multiple other skills that they should be having in a dynamic and ever-changing technologically advancing world.

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