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    How To Hire, Recruit, And Manage Remote Employees?

    Before anything else, we are sure that you asked why remote employees.

    There are multiple possible reasons for this. Let’s see what are these:

    •    You are short on staff and you need to hire someone on a budget.
    •    You don’t have enough office space.
    •    You don’t have available talent in your nearby location.
    •    You need a skilled and experienced employee but the salary requirements are just too much.
    •    You have a short-term requirement. 

    For all these reasons, it is feasible to hire remote employees. We are not living in the 90s, so managing remote employees is not that hard. There are tools and attractive technology options that make remote work more efficient than full-time employees.

    But, how can you redesign your recruitment process?

    Through the following steps. We have discussed the tips for hiring remote employees along with the suggestions for managing remote employees. Read on for more information.

    How To Hire Remote Employees?

    You know the basic drill of hiring employees. Here, we are going to discuss the extra elements that help in making you attractive to employees. 

    1.    Advertise Right

    Consider advertising your position in the right manner. The way you reach out to remote employees, including your description, compensation, and other requirements leaves a great impact. 

    Remote employees generally work in a very dedicated field. So, your description and advertising method should also resonate with that.

    Where you can advertise?

    •    Indeed
    •    Glassdoor
    •    LinkedIn
    •    Monster Jobs

    Also, target some local job boards that are common in your country or area.

    2.    Build a Strong Brand

    You, as a brand, should have a good reputation in the market. All your past employees should have good things to say about you. This is because word-of-mouth marketing is the best seller for your brand. Whenever you pitch a candidate, he or she is likely to check you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor as well as also read reviews of your business.

    If you fail to build this brand, your online presence may cease to portray you as trustworthy.

    Let’s see what you can do:

    •    Describe the manner in which you work. Set the right expectations for remote employees. They have a habit of working on their own terms and time. If you expect differently, make it clear beforehand.
    •    Try posting employee reviews and testimonials on your online pages. This helps remote workers to relate and understand your culture.
    •    Have a set pattern for the work and salary payments of a remote employee. For instance, keep a fixed date of invoices and payment dispatch.

    3.    Offer Nice Package

    You need to offer competitive rates. It is possible to find freelancers or remote workers at very low pricing as well. But, for skills and experience, you need to pay a considerable amount of money. This rate would still be much lower than the cost of an in-house employee.

    You can categorize payments in the following manner:

    •    Offer attractive rates, similar to global companies. This will attract skilled employees and you can expect them to deliver their best work.
    •    Offer fair rates, similar to the work conditions of the employees. You need to justify the living standards of the employee in this case.
    •    Offer optimum rates, similar to their experience. When you need an entry-level employee, you pay them less. But, when you require skills, you increase the pay. 

    4.    Hire through An Agency

    The best tip to follow all of the above is to hire an agency to achieve this task for you. This would ensure that you get the right employee at the right rate quickly. There’s less lag and you don’t have to go through the hassle for recruitment.

    How To Manage Remote Employees?

    Just hiring remote employees is not enough. Most of the time, you need to spend your energy and time in managing these employees. Let’s see how you can do that:

    1.    Improve Communication

    Whether you are dealing with your in-house employees or remote employees, communication is imperative. It helps them understand the culture and requirements of your business. This allows them to work in a certain manner.

    So, find time to get on a call and communicate.

    2.    Improve Team Collaboration

    Your team needs to get in touch with the freelancer or remote employees themselves. They don’t need to reach out to one contact person every time they have to communicate with a remote employee.

    Everyone should work as a team, for which cross-collaboration is imperative.

    3.    Give Them Space

    One thing that most employers don’t understand is that you can’t breathe on your remote employee every time. Remote work is different from in-house work. Your employees are in front of you and they are working on just your projects. Remote workers may have different responsibilities.

    So, offer them space to manage their schedule their way. Don’t call them every hour. This will only reduce their productivity.

    4.    Set Achievable Targets

    Lastly, set targets that are achievable. Don’t expect the unexpected and don’t expect too much. It is highly likely for your remote employees to not work on weekends. It is natural. We don’t, why would they?

    Understand this boundary and make targets that can be achieved humanely in a considerable amount of time.


    Remote employees are easier to manage and hire. You just need to spend some time learning the art of handling these employees. Once you understand that, you can create a better remote team than an in-house team. 


    About the Author

    Kamal Rastogi is a serial IT entrepreneur with 25 yrs plus experience. Currently his focus area is Data Science business, ERP Consulting, IT Staffing and Experttal.com (Fastest growing US based platform to hire verified / Risk Compliant Expert IT resources from talent rich countries like India, Romania, Philippines etc...directly). His firms service clients like KPMG, Deloitte, EnY, Samsung, Wipro, NCR Corporation etc in India and USA.

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