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    Contract Staffing: New IT Recruitment Model


    Contract staffing agencies are recruitment firms that help businesses fulfil their immediate and long-term staffing needs. Business organizations, start-ups, and small, medium, and large enterprises are increasingly opting for contract staffing instead of full-time permanent employees. Contract staffing is a more flexible mode of hiring candidates. It is used to hire expert talent for particular projects or a specific time frame. The contract staffing agency handles everything from screening, interviews, and selection procedures to employee contracts, payrolls, and more.


    What is contract Staffing?


    Hiring talented staff as per the current demand temporarily, as specified by a contract, is called contract staffing. Competent and qualified candidates, when and where required, help an organisation to meet its goals and deliver the promises on time, without any additional burden on the company.


    Contract staffing is an agreement between the company and the candidate hired on a contract specially designed to suit the completion of a project or for a stipulated period. The company pays a fixed amount or salary for a specified period.


    Why are Companies opting for contract staffing?


    Rather than settling for a less-than-perfect hire or letting a position go unfilled, today’s forward-thinking companies are choosing a new option: contract talent. Contract talent solves immediate staffing issues while providing sought-after flexibility for both companies and candidates.


    Ensures Flexibility: Contract staffing is apt for short-term projects or assignments which come up anytime and need to be completed within a time frame. Also, individuals who opt for contract staffing enjoy the flexibility of completing the project at their convenience. The individual with the requisite talent and expertise must complete the project within the stipulated period at his convenience.

    Immediate start dates. Bringing on contract talent is a fast, efficient process. Contract talent is fully vetted and ready to hit the ground running. There’s no time lost to background checks, compensation negotiations, or paperwork. Opting for contract talent can shrink the onboarding timeline from months to days, providing immediate solutions that keep your company ahead of the curve. 

    Avoid over-staffing: Organizations that utilise flexible, project-based staffing also tend to be more financially sound since they avoid overstaffing. IT is developing at a rapid pace, which can make it difficult for companies to forecast future staffing needs. In addition, new operation tools and cloud architecture require less workforce for support, so IT departments are leaner. Once an IT solution is implemented, there’s no need to keep expensive talent on staff for low-level maintenance issues. 


    Less Liability of the Employer: These days, several companies are hiring the services of staffing solutions agencies to scout the right talent for their project, and that is too quickly. This reduces the employer's liability in recruiting contractual employees on their own. However, the staffing solutions agency takes on the entire responsibility right from screening candidates and conducting interviews to offering the letter of intent to the selected candidate.


    Access the latest skills and broad experience: Contractors are more likely to have worked for multiple companies over the last few years, which means they have a unique combination of great skills and broad experience. This is the best of both worlds: contractors are up-to-speed on the latest technology and have applied it across industries and business settings. As a result, contractors bring a fresh, holistic perspective and can provide innovative solutions that internal employees may never have considered.


    Steps: Adopting a Contract-Based Staffing Model 


    Forward-thinking organisations are adopting a flexible staffing model to address immediate talent needs while mitigating financial risk. This will help make your shift to contract staffing as seamless as possible. 


    1. Evaluate needs. Before bringing contractors onboard, be clear about your internal needs, timeline and budget. For example, is there an ongoing need for specialised consulting, or is there a single project with a finite deadline? Clarifying talent needs from the beginning of your project will set everyone up for success. 


    2. Be realistic about costs. While contractors may cost more per hour than full-time employees, keep in mind that you’re not paying for benefits, running payroll, or investing in onboarding, eliminating any burden on your HR department. Contractor flexibility means your company only pays for talent when needed, which can lead to significant cost savings over a project’s lifetime. 


    3. Determine the proper structure. Contractors typically work on an ad-hoc consulting basis, as members or leaders of temporary project-based teams, or on a contract-to-hire basis. Depending on your company’s current needs, your organisation may benefit from a combination of all three of these roles or may be best served by focusing on a single solution, like a project-based team.


    4. Partner with the right recruiting agency. 

    There’s no need to go alone when recruiting contractors. Instead, capitalise on recruiting agencies and their expertise to source, screen, and place top talent. The IT talent marketplace is going through a significant transition period. Successful companies are prepared to adopt innovative staffing models that benefit all stakeholders.


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