• Can IT Companies Go Fully Remote?

    There are just two major requirements of remote work: a laptop and high-speed internet. Do you think you can provide these elements to your employees to help them work remotely?

    Of course, you can. 

    And if you can do that, you can also hire employees remotely. 

    So, the simple answer to the question is yes, we can fully work remotely with all the employees working from different locations. Similar to what we are doing in coronavirus pandemic lockdown. 
    Let’s see why this is possible and how you can hire a remote team.

    Benefits of Going Fully Remote

    Multiple experts believe that with every employee working from a distinct location, the working of the business becomes more successful. Here’s how this is possible.

    1.    Less Space Utilization

    You don’t have to buy an office space or spend on making this place suitable for employees. Since every employee is working from home, you can avoid taking office space. This will not only save your efforts and money but also you don’t have to manage this space. You don’t have to worry about if the AC is working or not or whether there’s stationery in the office or not.

    2.    Cost-Effective

    The overall hiring procedure and recruitment drives are costly. You need to put in a considerable amount of money to spread the word, shortlist candidates, hire the right one, and provide orientation and training. Each and every activity we just discussed consumes the money and energy of the HR team. All of this can be achieved in a cost-effective manner by hiring employees remotely. You still need to spend money but considerably less money. For instance, you don’t have to spend on orientation or training. 

    3.    No Commute

    For employees too, it is easier because they don’t have to spend money on the commute. A large part of the employee’s income is spent on travel from work to office and office to work. This can be eliminated, which can help employees to save extra money from their salary.  

    How To Hire a Remote IT Team?

    A lot of experts say that when hiring a remote team, all you need to do is find the best employee and then leave them alone. You can’t keep nagging them all day long for work, as it will hamper their productivity. If you are worried about how work will be completed, then look for a responsible, experienced professional. Here’s how you can do it:

    1.    Characterize the Employee

    What type of remote employees do you need in your organization? You need to define this requirement before you start searching.

    •    A responsible person who can understand the company’s requirements.
    •    A professional who can prioritize tasks of the company.
    •    You should be able to trust this person with timelines.

    2.    Look For Experience in Remote Work

    Get on a call and try to understand the experience of the employee in remote working. If you are talking to a newcomer, you may want to reconsider your options unless the candidate is just perfect.
    The new remote employee is maybe just exploring this path. Hence, it is likely for them to leave freelance or remote work anytime for a full-time job. 

    3.    Ask For Portfolio

    Always have a look at the portfolio of the employee – no matter how great the LinkedIn profile is and how experienced this person is. If you have a choice, check the portfolio for better evaluation.

    4.    Hire Through ExpertTal

    If you don’t want to go through this hassle, you can use the services of ExpertTal to hire remote employees for your organization. All you need to do is provide your requirements and rest everything will be taken care of by the company.


    It is possible for any organization to work remotely with all remote employees. However, before you move in that direction, you need to ensure you have the right tools and management abilities to handle the load. 


    About the Author

    Kamal Rastogi is a serial IT entrepreneur with 25 yrs plus experience. Currently his focus area is Data Science business, ERP Consulting, IT Staffing and Experttal.com (Fastest growing US based platform to hire verified / Risk Compliant Expert IT resources from talent rich countries like India, Romania, Philippines etc...directly). His firms service clients like KPMG, Deloitte, EnY, Samsung, Wipro, NCR Corporation etc in India and USA.

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