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    4 Tips to Recruit Qualified IT Engineers

    In a fast-paced and changing world, finding and attracting expert IT talent is challenging for many companies. This challenge is twofold. First, the demand for IT talent is very high. Second, the new generation of workers is hard to reach with traditional means of recruitment. Being present at university career fairs is not enough. So, how to recruit talented, qualified IT engineers? We share four of our most valuable tactics to recruit qualified IT engineers.

    Expand on Roles and Responsibilities

    Companies often focus on open job vacancies by limiting job listings to job titles. Write descriptive job listings that extensively describe the hired candidate's roles and responsibilities. Use this opportunity to inform potential employees about the team they will work in when they start. Team information includes but is not limited to team size, location, and culture.

    Companies can take the time to elaborate on the character traits they are looking for in their new employees such as taking the initiative, being good with deadlines, managing multiple projects or adapting to a fast-paced environment. This helps talent to get a complete picture of the role.

    Show Them the Future

    Financial rewards are only one aspect of what employees expect from their jobs. People want to know they are doing something lucrative and challenging. They want to do something that’s interesting to them in the present and build for the future. Growth opportunities were one of the top 3 reasons for a career change as per a recent study conducted by LinkedIn



    In addition, employees value certain aspects of their work including flexibility in job location and timings, a healthy work-life balance and most importantly, finding purpose in their job.

    Go Where Your Candidates Are

    There’s an old proverb, “if the mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the mountain.” It is no longer enough to be present at career fairs when candidates spend more time online. Putting ads in the classifieds and attending professional networking events won’t get you the best candidates. Companies need to adapt their recruiting strategies in the following two ways:


    Recruitment campaigns focus on recruiting for one or more specific jobs. LinkedIn is often used to reach suitable candidates because of its many targeting options. For example: on LinkedIn, it is possible to only show your ads to people from one specific university or with a particular skill set. 


    Employer branding can help to find and attract fitting candidates faster. Its goal is to promote the company as an employer with a particular group of potential (and current) employers. This can be done through digital advertising on platforms such as Instagram. Video and photography are vital in catching the attention of the target audience.

    Employee Advocacy

    In today’s competitive labor market, other companies are also trying to recruit the engineers you’re trying to recruit to your company. If your company is viewed as an attractive brand or good employer, it will be easier to get in contact and close deals with new talent. 

    So, how to improve your company’s perception among young IT engineers? 


    Online reviews: One way to boost your company’s employment brand is by encouraging current staff to write employment reviews on websites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn. If you only have a few online reviews, and one is negative, you have a severe branding issue on your hands. However, if you have 28 reviews and only two are negative, potential employees will likely be happy to talk to you.


    Show, don’t tell: Another possible action to take in building your brand is to create short videos that show what a workday at your company looks like. Or even better: create content around events and nice projects. This could also involve sharing your company's work culture with potential new recruits to give them a mini experience. It makes your company look more desirable because these IT engineers have a better picture of what your company does.

    Working with engineering recruitment agencies 

    If you are looking to hire a team of software developers and IT  engineers for a project in the near future, you can also partner with a recruitment agency. The agency will do the time-consuming recruitment process. Agencies like ExpertTal have a large talent pool, so they can search for the best match for your project.

    At ExpertTal, we help companies recruit the best-in-class software development talent to build high-performing remote teams. Discover what you can accomplish with ExpertTal. 

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