RADaR - Road Accident Data Recorder - International Road Federation - India Chapter

Date Posted: Mar 19, 2021
Standard (1050 - 1750 INR per hour)
Part Time (20hrs/week)
1-3 month
New Delhi, Delhi, India (Remote)

Skills Required

Job Description


An App to be developed to manage Road Accident Crash data.  The front end for data collection to be Android based Tablet or Phone. Th back end for data management to be based on SQL Server. A dashboard required to display real-time event statistics.

BRIEF ON RADaR (Road Accident Data Recorder)

The accident/crash data to be collected from the accident scene by police for the FIR (First Information Report) as well as for scientific investigation about the causes of accidents. RADaR has been devised for collection of the data comprehensively as per the standard format using the hand-held device like smartphone or tablet. It should be smart in collection of the data with minimum effort and using the skill of police personnel, which can smartly transmit the data to a central server-based storage system and shared easily to others.

The RADaR application is loaded in a tablet or smartphone operating with Android, through a completely menu-driven touch screen arrangement of the device. RADaR will use the GSM network, GPS, digital still and video cameras of the device for recording and transmitting the data. Additional data can be added by editing the particular accident record at the hospital (during visit to the victim) or at police station, if so required. There are central databases of vehicle and driver licensing, and RADaR application will  draw the required information from those servers for data on the driver and the vehicle involved in the accident. After completing all the data fields of the accident/crash record, the data from the device will be transmitted to a central data server.

RADaR application loaded in the hand-held device will be identified with Police Station, and the users of the data stored in the central server will also be identified hierarchically, for the purpose of providing access, at the level of Police Station, District, State/Province or City/Municipality, and the country level. Thus, each accident/crash recorded using RADaR application will have a unique reference code, and access to data shall be through secured user ID and password. Features described below:

  • GPS functionality for recording coordinates of the accident site automatically is for exact position of the crash in the road network, or even within an intersection
  • A comprehensive data recording format (pre-designed and embedded in the hand-held device) appear on screen progressively, and it is filled by menu-driven (pull-down menu) touch screen facility or typing a few data (name etc) using soft key on the screen
  • The location of the accident/crash (either at the road junction or straight/curved roadway stretch) and the collision diagrams (showing actual direction of movement of colliding vehicles and other road users at the time of accident/crash) are available from the built-in pictorial menu.
  • GPS facility provides the Google map for locating the accident location in the road network. Also, the collision diagram can be located and oriented (at exact point of crash) for recording the actual spot and direction of the movement of the vehicles at the time of accident/crash.
  • RADaR reporting tool (i.e. RADMS) loaded in the central data server (accessible to all authorized persons) provides the facility for analysis and generation of reports about the road accidents in the jurisdiction of a police station, district, city/municipality, state/province or the country, as will be required. The user is free to choose the period for which the data is to be analysed and reported. Thus RADaR reporting tool provides a comprehensive report by cross classifying the accident data for the user selected period (duration) and selected jurisdiction (area/network: district, city, province, etc.) including causal analysis.
  • The RADaR application and reporting tool are to be in English, and also will be prepared in other languages.


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