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    SAP ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming language and is a 4th generation language. This is the reason why we also write SAP as SAP ERP/4. SAP ABAP was designed to reduce the time of the humans in interacting with computers. It is a programming language which gets closer than the third-generation languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc to human language. It is more of conceptualizing language designed to create the reports and screens. Later it rises and became a complete language in itself. It reduces the total time and cost of software development.

    The entire SAP ERP software is developed using one single programming language which is case-insensitive language and it always terminates with a period and is known as ABAP.

    What does a SAP ABAP Consultant do?

    In the information technology industry, SAP ABAP Consultants are specialized in developing and recommending strategies to optimize system operations and provide solutions against problem areas or in simple terms we can say that an ABAP Consultant typically meet with clients to identify their needs and preferences, conduct research and assessments, gather and analyze data from various operations, develop action plans and cost estimates, conduct risk assessments, and identify existing issues, resolving them promptly and efficiently. Moreover, SAP ABAP consultants work in a team setting, in which it is required to have an active communication line for a smooth and efficient workflow.

    Following are a few duties and responsibilities that are performed by sap abap consultants across different industries:

    1. Develop a BDC for FICO to calculate and update full payment, partial payment and pending.

    2. Develop an interface to update the SRM org hierarchy to accommodate the changes of the legacy system.

    3. Create ALV object model commission report for the sales (OTC) department sort by sales representative.

    4. Create internal tables dynamically and create an RFC connection in order to compare the data in other systems.

    5. Perform requirement gathering and technical feasibility over client expectation and defining development guidelines for ABAP team.

    6. Develop file-to-IDOC interfaces as per the customer requirements.

    7. Implement multiple free program custom search-helps

    8. Work on code optimize by using run time analysis and SQL trace

    9. Prepare test scenarios for many of the developments and actively involved in testing all those developments in QA.

    10. Conduct business process mapping and system requirements specifications, and provide go-live and post-go-live support.

    11. Design and modify layout sets according to the requirements.

    12. Work on ETL extraction, transformation and loading data from heterogeneous source systems such as excel and flat files.

    Role of an ABAP Consultant :

    SAP ABAP consultants would be doing the following roles based on the requirements:

    1. To understand the requirements of the clients and map it with the product.

    2. To come up with the gap analysis and understand what is already there in the product and new could be added or removed according to the product requirement.

    3. To estimate the number of business hours required to complete the assigned task

    4. To do the actual development of the requirement and perform the unit testing.

    6. Releasing the developed product into the testing server and make the product go into the live environment

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    • They have worked on Conventional ALV reports (Using Standard Function Modules) and Object-Oriented ALV reports (Using standard Classes and Methods).

    • Worked with standard and Z-Function modules in Report programs to provide modularity.

    • Developed web applications using WEBDYNPRO ABAP framework SAP Scripts/ SMARTFORMS.

    • Expertised in creating and modifying existing layout sets and print program using SAP scripts and SMARTFORMS, Migrated SAP Script Layout to SMARTFORMS.

    • Developed Batch Data Input programs for uploading data into SAP system from legacy system using both Session method and Call Transaction Method and LSMW (using Batch Input and Direct input)


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