• Here’s What a Remote Worker Need In Their House

    Working remotely is a struggle. While most of the professionals anticipate it to be an easy job, it is not as simple as it sounds. You can’t just curl up on your sofa and work while watching TV. Most of the time, it is not even possible to sit on your work desk and concentrate.

    Hence, to make the life of remote workers easier, we have created a list of necessary things that remote workers should have in their home. The below list is a collaboration of multiple factors, which can help you work with motivation and concentration. 

    What Do You Need As a Remote Worker?

    If you think you are born for work from home, there are some changes that you may need to make in your home office. Here are these requirements.

    1.    Separate Contact Number

    Being a remote worker means that managers assume you work all day and night. So, it is highly likely for them to send you a text at 9 in the night and ask you to give some work over the weekend. But, you don’t have to do it. Remote work doesn’t mean that you should work more. In fact, it is just the opposite – remote work means flexibility and work-life balance. 

    Therefore, get a separate number for the office and switch off after designated hours of work. Otherwise, you may start feeling the work pressure and stress of remote work after only a few months.

    2.    Separate Work

    Ideally, you should have a separate room to work, even at home. Some people solve this issue by joining a co-working space. However, if you are not in favor of a co-working, you can create a different room or corner for work. Keep personal and professional lives separate. This will help you remove distractions.

    3.    Create a Home Office

    Let’s be honest, it is hard to work on the bed every day. It is not uncommon to fall asleep or feel like watching a movie. To avoid that temptation during work hours, make an office at home.
    Of course, here too, you can go overboard and make a full office room with a chair and tables. But, you can also have a corner with a proper table, comfortable chair, and footrest. This will help keep your posture correct during work.

    4.    Fixed Work Hours

    Although multiple remote professionals may not want to use this advice, it is best to fix the number of hours you want to work. This is because keeping it flexible is great but it would be hard to work in the night after being out all day. Your body gets exhausted during the day, which makes it hard to work in the night. However, the contrary is possible. If you are an early bird, you can wake up early and finish work early. 

    5.    Calendar

    Keep a calendar by your desk or in your work room. This calendar will remind you of your work schedule. And having an old-fashioned calendar panel will give the office feels, which will improve your motivation and concentration.

    6.    Pin Board and White Board

    It is necessary to have a white board and pin board beside your work table. A pin board can help you stick important notes and tasks to the board. A white board will help you make your schedule, which is loud and clear. You can check this schedule whenever you want. 

    7.    A Plant

    When working remotely, it is easy to stay disconnected from the outside world. You would go out less for a stroll. So, bring in a small plant for your desk to give you a lively feel at all times. This will even make your desk look more professional and yet cozy. 

    8.    A Bottle of Water

    Always keep a bottle of water at your desk to stay hydrated. In between work, it won’t hurt to drink some water every once in a while. When you don’t have water in your near reach, you can avoid consuming as much as you could consume naturally. 


    Optimize your home working environment to enhance your working efficiency and productivity. Implement the above changes and see how these can help you lead towards creativity and innovation.


    About the Author

    Kamal Rastogi is a serial IT entrepreneur with 25 yrs plus experience. Currently his focus area is Data Science business, ERP Consulting, IT Staffing and Experttal.com (Fastest growing US based platform to hire verified / Risk Compliant Expert IT resources from talent rich countries like India, Romania, Philippines etc...directly). His firms service clients like KPMG, Deloitte, EnY, Samsung, Wipro, NCR Corporation etc in India and USA.

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